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Hello! I'm Can Duru. At the age of 16, I am a 9th-grade student at Robert College. In more detail, I am a programmer, an entrepreneur, and a content writer. 

Ever since I was a kid, I had always been interested in the great technologies around me. Many technologies such as supercomputers, cryptocurrencies, special technologies, VR (virtual reality) are being developed, and I enjoyed researching and learning them. Even the smart vacuum robot technology, which seems very simple, leaves remarkable marks in many people's lives. For me, it is one of my biggest motivations to develop one of the technologies that revolutionize and help everyone's lives in some way. The real turning point in my life was a couple of years ago in my previous school. One of my close friends found a data breach on the school websites, and from that breach, we were able to download photos of everyone who graduated in the past 20 years. Maybe this can sound like not a big thing, but for me, it was the enlightenment point about the possibilities of future technologies. After that day, I watched what my cousin, who studied computer engineering in the United States, coding, was researching new technologies such as VR on the internet, and I was learning coding languages from places such as internet courses and older friends to improve myself. I felt like I should do more; none of these satisfied me. So, my teammate and I started coding an app for Bi'Haberle, which gathers all the seminars on the internet and makes them available from one platform to follow seminars easily. But also, I wanted to do more research and share my writings about future technologies. I started to publish my writings on two times a week. I founded this site to share what I have been learning, writing, and thinking in my life pathway. At the same time, I am interested in entrepreneurship, and I worked on the initiative in Turkey. I am a website designer and manager in Bize Lazımsın (We Need You), a formation that brings together individuals who want to work for the same common goal, creating an environment where they can socialize and share their original ideas freely that will help the society in general. 

Apart from my work on technology, if you want to get to know Can, let me tell. First of all, I am still a student. I graduated from Bilfen in 2019 and am currently studying at Robert College. Sports, music, and computer games are the areas that I am most excited about and explored with curiosity. I have been playing guitar and fencing since my childhood. When I graduated from Bilfen, although the fencing license went away, I continue my studies individually, as Robert College is not offering my field in fencing.

And most importantly, I love reading and researching. Especially since I was little, I love to read the details of the planes and their accidents. I started writing articles for the future me when I was in the 4th grade.

Although it seemed logical at the time, it does not look like a logical article when I read it back now. As I grew older, the books I read became more complex, and so did the writings I wrote. I stopped writing notes to future me and started writing essays/research articles. Then, with my writing instinct coming from my curiosity in technology, my first writing, Hayatımızı Teknolojiden Gizleyebilir Miyiz? (Can We Hide Our Lives From Technology?), was published on Gelecekburada, and I could not resist my passion for writing after publishing it. So, I continued publishing my other articles, and still, they are being published.


The initiatives I have been part of:

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